01.04.11. A New and Simplr Home


After much hoo-haa and issues with our website, we’re nearly there! Our ordering and registration process will remain the same (for now, until we improve again!), but this time, set in a more beautiful home. Our blog will be used as, well, a blog. Our website will be informative, but the cool stuff will be in our blog, so keep your visits frequent! Updates will be frequent as we try to keep things as fresh as possible. Take note my friends:

1) You will be emailed your new username (change your password by clicking the ‘Forgot Login Details’ in our new login page. We do not have access to your password, so this is the only way you can change it)

2) The Simplr website will be accessible at www.simplr.my (which makes sense)

3) Our blog will be accessible by going to blog.simplr.my, and NOT simplr.my/blog

4) simplr.my/members will be no more. Members now login at our main website at simplr.my

We might experience some downtime, possibly even email issues up to 24 hrs before and after our transition on the 1st of April, so if you’ve sent us an email and not get a reply, just shoot us a copy when you see our spiffy new website up.


Posted by jared at 28 March, 2011, 6:38am

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