18 new fabrics! The Artisan Swatch Set is now available!

We started with just 6, but the Artisan family has grown to a total of 24 gorgeous Japanese fabrics. Check out our entire range of fabrics in our online gallery at gallery.simplr.my. These fabrics are exceedingly gorgeous, and there’s just no comparing to the real thing. So we’ve carefully handcrafted each of these darling Artisan Swatches to let ¬†your clients have a ‘feel’ of the fabrics. They’re simple, they’re gorgeous and most importantly, they’re a breeze to carry around.

Like everything else in the Artisan Series that only uses the finest materials, these swatches come in cute little handcrafted boxes, made from acid-free Italian rag paper. Each Artisan fabric swatch is hand-cut and mounted onto a beautiful textured acid-free paper, from, where else, Italy!

You can now order the Artisan Folios and the Artisan Keepsake Boxes covered with these precious new fabrics. Mix them, match them, the only thing stopping you is your imagination!

Login at simplr.my to order your swatches today!

Visit the gallery of fabrics here.


About the Artisan Series fabrics.

The Artisan Series now comes in a selection of 24 Japanese fabrics. The fabrics can be used as cover materials for the Artisan Keepsake Box and the Artisan Folios (and of course, the upcoming Artisan Albums) and are made of acid-free materials.

5 of the 6 existing fabrics has been renamed to include the term Shangtung- Pastel Blue, Ocha Green, Dark Chocolate, Gold and Steel Blue (for example, Pastel Blue is now known as Pastel Blue Shangtung). The other existing fabric remain as Platinum Cotton.

The 18 new addition to the Artisan Series are: Venetian Red Royal Shangtung, Mint Brocade Premium, Country Linen, Burgundy Ribbed, Midnite Black Weave, Ivory Weave, Black Mohair, Crimson Mohair, Natural Canvas, Teal Canvas Premium, Emerald Shimmer Shangtung, Purple Plum Shangtung, Carolina Blue Cotton, Lime Green Cotton, Coffee Cotton, Caramel Cotton, Candy Apple Cotton and Peachy Pink Cotton.

Among the 24 available fabrics, 3 fabrics are optional upgrades – Venetian Red Royal Shangtung, Mint Brocade Premium and Teal Canvas Premium.

Currently, imprinting can be done on all fabrics EXCEPT for the Venetian Red Royal Shangtung, Country Linen, Ivory Weave, Midnite Black Weave, Teal Canvas Premium and Natural Canvas (all is not yet lost, we’re working on a solution!).

Login at simplr.my to order you Artisan Swatch Set.

Posted by jared at 13 October, 2011, 5:08pm

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