Our Most Precious Keepsake Yet. The Artisan Keepsake Box

I have to admit, I personally am in love with these boxes. They take several hours of measuring, cutting and crafting, but the effort is totally worth it. Inspired by album makers from the USA, these beautiful boxes were nowhere to be seen or found in this region. I’m so excited to be the first to offer these boxes to photographers who are in search for something more than albums.

I’ve made so many, but never got around to making one for my family. So perhaps the next round, that would be something to look forward to. I’ll be sure to post up some images of those. You’d think a box like this would only be suitable for weddings, but they make excellent keepsakes for family portraits too. They’re acid-free, which means with proper storage conditions, they’ll likely outlast the current generation.

If you’d like to find out more about these gorgeous boxes, feel free to visit the Simplr website or if you can’t wait to get your hands on one of these beautiful boxes, then login to order!


About The Artisan Keepsake Box

Handcrafted of the finest acid-free materials and available in standard sizes or fully customisable to suit your studio, the Artisan Keepsake Box brings this never before available concept to this region. Perfectly houses the Portrait Perfect Matted Prints, or even Fuji Crystal Archive Prints, the Artisan Keepsake Box adds a new dimension of keepsake and offering to your clients where at one time were only limited to albums.

Standard sizes are 5″x7″ with a height of 2½”, which fits over 200 Fuji Crystal Archive Prints, 6″x8″ or 8″x10″ which fits either Fuji Prints or 10 Portrait Perfect Matted Prints. These boxes can be customized to any size to suit your studio’s requirements. Available in 6 precious Japanese fabrics, with optional inset on the front. The Artisan Keepsake Box comes with single line imprint on the front, with the same imprint on acid-free rag paper used on the acid-free vellum wrapping, and single line studio name or website imprint on the inside cover. Fuji Prints and the Portrait Perfect Matted Prints can be ordered together with the box. The Artisan Keepsake Box is the perfect complement to the Artisan Folios. Login to order or visit the Simplr website to find out more.

Posted by jared at 16 August, 2011, 10:25am

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