Artisan Round 1


The Artisan DVD Folios

It’s been an insane weekend (5 days actually) as the first batch of handmade Artisan Folios are almost ready to be shipped out. About 6 years back, when I use to shoot weddings, the great shots were always the reason I kept picking up the camera and making it through the 18-hours-working-non-stop-day (yes photogs, you know what I’m talking about, where lunches are scarfed down and chewing was optional). These folios started out with nothing but raw boards, fabrics, ribbons, glue and ‘stuff’, as they took shape, the same familiar good feeling came about. While I’m unable to shoot weddings nowadays, knowing thousands of images will sit snuggly into these folios absolutely thrills me.

Crafting these folios (adorned with an old apron!), especially them being the first batch, makes me glad that there are photographers out there who appreciate the hard work and labour, the fine materials and details, the fact that it’s acid-free, with an archival DVD sleeve, and that they want nothing but the best for their clients.

These folios are just the beginning. Albums are coming soon (you probably knew that), but there’s something else that you simply cannot find in this country. That too will be unveiled soon.

Thanks for the support of the photogs who ordered the first batch of folios. Tomorrow is hot stamping day, where your folios will have your client’s brand stamped on the front and yours at the back, before reaching it’s final step of being carefully wrapped in acid-free vellum and finished off with a gorgeous ribbon.

To find out more about the Artisan Folios, feel free to visit the Simplr website.

Posted by jared at 07 June, 2011, 3:50pm

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