I was extremely pleased to be handcrafting for one of our country’s most renowned photographers. Louis Pang, who has been travelling the world and giving talks and seminars is well known for his high standards for his works and everything that surrounds it. His wife Jasmine along with Louis decided to have an 11×14 handcrafted Artisan Keepsake Box, holding 18 fine art prints on Canson Rag Photographique. It is a pleasure working with them.

Your DVD in all its glory!

What do you do when you’ve put in so much effort to print those gorgeous DVDs for your clients and just can’t bear the thought of them being hidden? When you want nothing but to have it displayed in all its glory. In our continuous quest to use only the finest materials for our Artisan Series, we’ve opted not to use the regular foam buttons that you often see. Freshly flown in all the way from the US of A, we’ve got these new and simple crush-proof DVD buttons.  Just pop your DVD onto them, and they’re good to go. Like how we like things simple, just select the new DVD buttons in the Artisan Series DVD Folio order form when placing your order.

Mexico! The Wedding of E&Y

From Paris to London, Hong Kong to Australia, the Aegean to Munich, we’ve seen many gorgeous wedding pictures taken at these lovely locations, but Mexico, now that’s a rarity. When Jacques Mateos told me he was shooting a wedding in Mexico, I knew I had to get my hands on some of those shots and blog about it. Not many photographers have the opportunity to shoot a destination wedding at Mexico, so Jacques was kind enough to share some of his images. Location: Beach Club @ Playa del Carmen, Mexico. Photo credit: A huge thanks to the awesome Jacques Mateos of Magic Flight Studio and My Wedding Emotion who has allowed me to publish these ‘preview’ images even before he’s posted them in his own blog! To see more of Jacques’ work, visit his website at or or see many more images of The Wedding of E&Y at Jacques’ facebook post here (to give Jacques some love, click Like on his facebook page).

New ribbons!

We’ve recently added 18 precious new fabrics to the Artisan range, so we figured that the ribbons needed a little updating too! What do we do? Make a call to the US, flown in some gorgeous new satin ribbons, and now we have a total of 9 fabulous satin ribbons to choose from! Dress up the Artisan Folios and Keepsake Boxes, and even the Portrait Perfect Matted Prints Set with our new range of satin ribbons! Choose from Pure White, Ivory, Soft Pink, Burgundy, Brown, Orchid Purple, Sage Green, Olive Green and Navy Blue. Visit the Simplr gallery to see the new range of satin ribbons here. + WPPM

  This beautiful shot by Grace from was one of my favourite among several that’s headed off to WPPM 2011 Print Competition. Love the colours, love the composition. The Portrait Perfect Matted Print pictured above includes an 8×12 Fuji Crystal Archive Print mounted onto acid-free boards 16×20. Prints are permanently mounted using acid-free materials and adhesives. To find out more about mounting services, visit Simplr’s Portrait Perfect Matted Prints Series. Our boards are imported only from the UK and USA.  

Sokebana + Artisan

Merci beaucoup to the gorgeous Sokebana (Sophie Le Droumaguet) who is now featuring the Artisan Keepsake Box and Artisan Folios for her wedding and portrait packages! Sophie includes a photobook style album (which we do not carry) as her offering, but missing that finishing touch which would give it that ‘WOW!’ effect. So we’ve created a custom size Artisan Keepsake Box which will perfectly fit her album. The Artisan Folios add a finishing touch which complements her entire package. Sophie’s Artisan Keepsake Box is covered with the gorgeous Teal Canvas Premium Japanese fabric. Her folios are Dark Chocolate Shangtung and Ocha Green Shangtung. Sophie has loads more images of the Artisan Series. View her original post here or visit Sophie’s site at

Chloe Lodge + Artisan

Thanks to the awesome Chloe Lodge who blogged about the Artisan Folios! Chloe is a fascinating photographer (where on our second encounter, chatted for almost 3 hours!!), from studying Arts in France to being the right hand woman of Bear Grylls (yup, that’s right, that insanely adventurous bloke in Man Vs. Wild) whom I had the pleasure to meet.  Catch up with Chloe by checking out her website here or read the original post here.

Birthday Favors

My precious little one just turned 2 today. So we got some of her close friends around for a small party, and would usually give the kids something to take home. This year we wanted everyone to go home with a little birthday favor that’s personal and preferably handmade. Something simple, something lasting but colorful too! The result – these bright, cute and colorful little notebooks that would be great for the kids. They’re 100% handmade, which I thought would be nice, and added a finishing touch by imprinting the kids’ names would make it feel personal. All in all, it was a great day, surrounded by great friends. Kids just grow up so fast (especially when they’re yours!). Just a couple more pix I thought I’d toss in. The awesome Lollipop the Clown and yummy chocolate bars with my daughter’s brand on it.

Kamaruz Photography + Artisan Folios

All the way from the beautiful island of Borneo, Kamaruz Photography blogged about our precious Artisan Folio!  Thanks Sony! (Yup, that’s his name, pretty cool, doncha’ think).

Tendres baisers

Ahhhh France. Romance in the air, architecture which can only be described as majestic, a history of art that dates so far back, when it began is anyone’s guess. We’re so thrilled when one of the France’s best photographer, Jacques Mateos of Magic Flight Studio blogged about the Artisan Folios. View the original post at Jacques’ site here (note: it’s in french).

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