Simple Is beautiful


Ever wondered when did albums started becoming about albums and not your photos? Since some fellows started complicating them, that’s when. Horizontal, vertical albums. Window, windows, or no windows. Silk, leather, paper, photo, piano covers (where in the world did that name come from anyway?). Metallic, glossy, hot stamped, premium (shouldn’t all photo paper be “premium”? shouldn’t all your clients be getting the best anyway?) or regular paper. Rounded corners, sharp corners. Leather box, briefcase, sleeve or wooden box.

“No Corny Quotes and Sayings, No Cheesy Words. Just Simple”

Stop the cheesy or corny quotes on album covers. No “i love you”, no “happy together”, no “beautiful day”, no “hapy you are mine” (typo on purpose) and all that stuff. No more photo collages on covers. Just clean, uninterrupted, uncluttered covers .

So here’s our take on albums. They should be about your photos. Period. Hey, simple is beautiful.

Posted by jared at 29 October, 2010, 12:31pm

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