Malaysia’s Simplest Album Company

It’s coming.

It’s the first and only one in this country.

It’s gonna change the way you think about albums.

Not only that, it’s gonna change the way you order albums.

Only the best goes into a Simplr Album. Nothing less. Ever.

We’re excited as heck.

While our spankin’ new website is in the works, get yourself registered, relax and wait for it. If you really can’t wait till our fantabulicious website is up to get hold one of these babies (of course, by babies we mean album, we don’t really sell babies), you can still do it here.

You can use our blog to register, order, upload and make payments online. In fact, even now, EVERYTHING can be done online! Ain’t that just swell!

Great news for photographers, not so good news for the general public: Our albums are only sold and prices only made available to part time and full time working photographers as well as designers. This is to protect our photographers and designers who make an honest living selling their work and accompanying albums.


Posted by jared at 16 December, 2010, 10:18am

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