Sokebana + Artisan

Merci beaucoup to the gorgeous Sokebana (Sophie Le Droumaguet) who is now featuring the Artisan Keepsake Box and Artisan Folios for her wedding and portrait packages! Sophie includes a photobook style album (which we do not carry) as her offering, but missing that finishing touch which would give it that ‘WOW!’ effect. So we’ve created a custom size Artisan Keepsake Box which will perfectly fit her album. The Artisan Folios add a finishing touch which complements her entire package.

Sophie’s Artisan Keepsake Box is covered with the gorgeous Teal Canvas Premium Japanese fabric. Her folios are Dark Chocolate Shangtung and Ocha Green Shangtung. Sophie has loads more images of the Artisan Series. View her original post here¬†or visit Sophie’s site at Sokebana.net.

Posted by jared at 22 November, 2011, 3:22pm

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