Spotlight on Photographer: Radmila Kerl


The ├╝ber talented Radmila Kerl is our chosen Spotlight on Photographer this time around. Ramila shoots in the gorgeous city of Munich, Germany, but has traveled to different corners of the earth capturing people, landscapes and of course, moments. Her work and passion has brought her to the likes of Kilamanjaro, NYC, Thailand and Botswana to name a few.

We’re so proud to be supporting a photographer as talented as Radmila Kerl. You can view Radmila’s website here, or have a peek at her blog here. If you do not understand German, not a problem, her images speak for themselves really. Here’re some lovely images from a couple of her recent wedding shoots. Enjoy!


We’re truly proud to support a photographer like Radmila Kerl. Visit Radmila’s site here, or her blog here to see more of Radmila’s work.


Radmila presents all her clients with the handcrafted Artisan 6×6 Duo Fold Folios. Made of the finest acid-free materials, Radmila opted to print her own images on fine art paper, and mounts the print herself. Highly sought after, Radmila has her entire year’s shooting schedule locked in. We’ve crafted her folios for the entire year, and each mat has been elegantly imprinted with the client’s wedding date.

Posted by jared at 21 August, 2011, 5:12pm

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