The Artisan Folio

“It is not my intention of selling you a bunch of DVD cases or covers, in a pack of 50, with your studio logo on the front at a discounted price. That’s absolutely what the Artisan Folio is NOT about.

When your folio order comes in, I cut the materials, and begin crafting the folio. The acid-free boards are cut, your prints mounted and the acid-free, archival DVD sleeve is hand cut and adhered. Then your client’s name is proudly imprinted on the front, your studio name subtly at the back. The folio is then wrapped in acid-free vellum with their names once again imprinted on acid-free heavy stock rag paper that was hand cut to give it a beautiful edge.  I finally finish it by carefully tying a gorgeous ribbon to hold it all together. I could make it at 10am in the morning, or 2am in the dark of night. So every Artisan Folio has a story behind it.

Your client’s wedding day or portrait session is something so personal to them, I’d like to treat it as such. That’s why every Artisan Folio is made one by one, only upon your order.

The Artisan Folios are meant (and will) to last your clients a lifetime. Unlike other DVD cases out there, not a single double sided or two way tape was used in crafting this folio. It is crafted with absolutely no shortcuts.”

I have tried (and failed) in many attempts to craft this folio with the details that you see in them today. Inspired by album makers abroad, although the final outcome may be identical, techniques used in crafting a folio like this takes experience and many trials (and patience!) before it is perfected. Trust me, I know.

So remember to let your clients know to back up those images in the DVD, because it is for certain that these folios will outlive the life of the data in the DVD.

You can learn more about our Artisan Folios here.

Posted by jared at 31 May, 2011, 4:45pm

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