The Portrait Perfect Matted Prints Series. Here, Now.

I recall that in the many weddings I had shot, bouquets of flowers and the like were presented to the parents of the newlyweds, and thought “those are lovely, but sadly in a week, they’ll probably be gone” (I mean the flowers, of course). And they’re certainly not inexpensive. Other times when I had gigs shooting portraits of families and kids or babies, the only thing my clients took home was a DVD, because albums were simply out of their budget. So I was in search mode, for a keepsake that’s elegant, simple, relatively inexpensive, just the right ‘gift size’, and most importantly, would last a generation and probably more with proper care (acid-free keepsakes can last up to 100 years. It is after all, a keepsake). The idea behind it is extremely simple, but the combination of affordability and yet has to be acid-free and elegant at the same time posed a challenge. After much research, thought and testing, I’m extremely delighted to introduce the Portrait Perfect Matted Prints Set. The possibilities of the Portrait Perfect Matted Prints Set, in terms of design or use, are only limited by your imagination, but here’s a suggestion:

The Portrait Perfect Matted Prints Set now gives you the ability to offer your clients what you couldn’t before, due to price and also it’s uniqueness.

– Gifts for the parents of the newlyweds, even bridesmaid and best man.

– The perfect keepsake to be packaged with portrait shots

– Simply as an upgrade for the newlyweds, to compliment the album, or even an album alternative.

– Design wise, the combination of multiple openings with different placements is virtually limitless.

The Portrait Perfect Matted Prints Set truly exudes a feeling of elegance, but that’s only my opinion. You’d need to pick up a set and see for yourself.

Login at simplr.my for pricing and order details on the Portrait Perfect Matted Prints Series.


About The Portrait Perfect Matted Prints Series.

The Portrait Perfect Matted Prints Series is available in Sets of 10, 15, 20 or custom, and includes prints, personalised imprinting on heavy stock rag paper used on the wrapping of acid-free vellum, and finished with a ribbon. The matted prints come in 4 standard sizes –  6×8, 8×8, 8×10, 10×12 or custom sizes with openings (or windows) of several standard sizes for each, with optional custom sizes and number of openings and sizes.

Also available are Singles, individual matted prints in 8 standard sizes or custom sizes, with the option of including prints (Print & Mount), or sending us your own prints to be mounted (Mount Only). Window (opening) sizes available in standard sizes depending on the mat size, with options of any custom size openings.

Posted by jared at 01 July, 2011, 1:03am

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