Was Kodak, Now Fuji.

We’re freakishly obsessed with quality. So one of our most major change right now is the switch from Kodak Professional Paper to Fujifilm’s Crystal Archive Paper. Now don’t get me wrong. Kodak makes great paper, and some of the best albums in the world are made with them. They have however, one drawback or ‘flaw’ which we didn’t find acceptable. Where the center of the page folds, Kodak Papers would display a faint discoloration, usually purple, along the center crease of the spread. This has been known for the longest time among album makers all around the globe. We’re not sure if Kodak plans on doing something about this (perhaps their market for album makers are small), but seeing that it (sorta’) ruined some of the most beautiful images in our spreads, we searched for alternatives. ┬áHence, Fuji came riding to us in a white chariot, and we’ve made the switch.

The Wilhelm Research did a test on Fuji’s Crystal Archive Paper, and we like it (among many other great album makers all around the globe too who uses Fuji’s paper). Used in albums (ie dark storage), prints lasts over 100 years, and its tolerance for high humidity (hello Malaysia) is a huge plus.

So we bid Kodak farewell (for now), and say hello to our new friend, Fuji.

Posted by jared at 18 February, 2011, 5:34pm

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