I was extremely pleased to be handcrafting for one of our country’s most renowned photographers. Louis Pang, who has been travelling the world and giving talks and seminars is well known for his high standards for his works and everything that surrounds it. His wife Jasmine along with Louis decided to have an 11×14 handcrafted Artisan Keepsake Box, holding 18 fine art prints on Canson Rag Photographique. It is a pleasure working with them.

Congrats Jacques Mateos on being Featured in Cosmopolitan Bride UK!

  An AWESOME photographer and one which I have the amazing honor to call not just a client, but a partner! Congratulations to Jacques Mateos on being featured in the world renowned Cosmopolitan Bride magazine in the UK and China! Jacques is based in France, but has been called upon to travel all over the world capturing many amazing weddings and portraits. His images never ceases to amaze me. I look forward to many more of his shots, and without a doubt, to see them popping up in magazines all around the world! Visit Jacques Mateos to see more of his works here.

New fonts!

We’ve got ourselves some gorgeous new fonts folks! Fine, clean, elegant. These fonts will automatically replace the previous 18pt fonts used for imprinting. If you’d like to use the previous fonts, just let us know in the comment/instructions box at the bottom of the order form.

Discount? Sure!

We’ve all been there (and most of us are guilty of doing it too!). Haggle. When we become working photographers or business owners, we realise it’s something we do not hold favourable. It puts into question our ability, our worth. “Aren’t I worth that much?”. Some of us stand firm, some of us give in. Which one are you? Marketing based on price will always, and inevitably come out with only one winner – the client (a.k.a, the end consumer) and never the business owner(s). So the next time you’d like to avoid clients haggling, try putting up this sign I found on the web. It’s unoffensive, but effective.  

Shensnaps. One heck of a photographer.

Shen Yeo of Shensnaps is one heck of a photographer. Sounds raw, but that’s just the truth. Shen is not only a WPPI award winner, but also the first and only one in Malaysia to bag 1st place in the internationally recognised WPPI 2009 Print Competition, among numerous other awards and accolades that’s in his pocket. We were obviously stoked when Shen called us to do a couple of Simplrs! A great guy with an unbelievably friendly glow, it’s no wonder clients are flocking to him. Here are just several of many from his albums. More outstanding designs…….

Works of Azim

Azim of Azim Puch Photography made his first sample and I was pretty much blown away by the variety of shots he had. You can pretty much agree that his shots speak for themselves. We’re thrilled to see that so many photographers are discovering that simple designs absolutely rocks! They showcase one thing, which are the shots themselves, instead of the intricate designs that pull focus away from what’s suppose to be the reason for an album in the first place. We’re glad to have you on board Azim!

We’ve Moved!

Yes! We’ve finally moved! Visit us at and check out our spankin’ new website (as you can also see, is no more. Our blog is now at All registration and orders can now be done in our new website. If you’ve already registered with us previously, your new username has been emailed to you. If you have not received it, relax, and do the following: 1) Click on the login page in our new website 2) Click on ‘Forgot Login Details’ 3) Enter your email address (the same one you registered with) 4) Check your inbox (your username is displayed next to the password reset link) IMPORTANT: Your old password is no longer valid, so click on the link in the email to reset your password. We have no access to your passwords, which is why you’ll have to do this on your own. It will take the nameservers up to 72 hours to propagate, at this time,...Read More >

01.04.11. A New and Simplr Home

  After much hoo-haa and issues with our website, we’re nearly there! Our ordering and registration process will remain the same (for now, until we improve again!), but this time, set in a more beautiful home. Our blog will be used as, well, a blog. Our website will be informative, but the cool stuff will be in our blog, so keep your visits frequent! Updates will be frequent as we try to keep things as fresh as possible. Take note my friends: 1) You will be emailed your new username (change your password by clicking the ‘Forgot Login Details’ in our new login page. We do not have access to your password, so this is the only way you can change it) 2) The Simplr website will be accessible at (which makes sense) 3) Our blog will be accessible by going to, and NOT 4) will be no more. Members now login at our main website at...Read More >

A Photographer’s Wedding

Photographers always have deadlines to meet, and the client’s expectation of their album arrival is always a priority. So it was no surprise that Nick’s (Nicholas Leong Photography) own wedding album was long overdue – the traits of a dedicated photographer. We’re so proud that he has given us the honor of showcasing his own wedding shots in a Simplr album. The designs were clean, simple and focused on purely highlighting  the works of art that these shots truly are.  These shots were taken in breathtaking Cebu, Phillipines by Mark Leo of and Ian Chong of eeyern photography. Verdict: Absolutely Rocks! According to Nick, there were just too many amazing shots, and selecting these images to fit into a 12″x12″ Simplr with 40 pages was quite a feat. Check out Mark Leo and Ian Chong’s website and you’ll no doubt agree.

Secret Ingredients?

When it comes to freezing emotions into an image, few can rival Grace and her team from There are some blogs and websites I go back to time and again to see what’s going on, and is one I frequent. She and her team have a knack for capturing colours too. Read her posts, and you will find these two gel in perfect harmony – colours and emotions. I wonder if those are her secret ingredients for the success that she has been enjoying all this time. Hmmm….?? Here are just some of her shots from a recent album. I felt they broke the norm with this one. Enjoy.  

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